It's just a matter of time and you can't stop time!!

“When they’re old enough…”

“When they’re old enough…”.


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One day we will be together

Dedicated to my two children Scott & Layla

Saturday is a very important day.

It’s my daughters 9th birthday and the third birthday that she will be without her dad on Saturday. What do you buy your daughter when she is being alienated from you.  Maybe its her own domain name so in the future if she wants to see what you are doing she can just type in her name and google herself   www.laylabradeley.co.uk  and read or leave a message.

So I guess this is as good as anything.

After three years and everything I had to endure after my relationship breakdown  I want to make something absolutely clear. Yes I lost my home and all my possessions, I had to declare myself bankrupt because of the debt it caused and my heart attack,  the only real thing that ever mattered to me was my children. I miss them so much that even a mere…

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I Miss My Children

This blog is aimed at exposing how my ex-partner who deliberately and fraudulently stole my worldly possessions and then lied her way to stopping me seeing my children. My blog will be a record and testament of the everlasting and immovable love I have for my children S & L. I will never, ever give up. One day the truth will be told and the culprit exposed.

Its only a matter of time and time can’t be stopped.

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